Redefining Ultrasound For Women’s Health

The premium dimension in the ultrasound for women’s health has opened up with WS80A, a groundbreaking ultrasound system that provides superior image performance for a variety of women’s health exams. With stylish Samsung design and innovative features including the 5D technologies, MPI and ElastoScan™, WS80A redefines premium ultrasound for women’s health


Hybrid Beamforming Engine™ evo

This technology combines 2D and color image with fast frame rate for more powerful data processing and noise reduction. It provides clearer images and more stable signals for accurate diagnosis

Samsung Dynamic MR™ evo

This technology offers speckle reduction, edge enhancement, and contrast enhancement for clear and natural images. It provides application-specific optimization and improved temporal resolution in live scan mode.

5D Stereo Cine

With 5D Stereo Cine, life-like 3D images can be displayed on Samsung 3D Smart TVs for parents-to-be, families, and friends to view more realistic images of the fetus at home.

Wide Angle Vaginal Probe (E3-12A)

The new wide angle vaginal probe offers field-of-view up to 210˚ for convenient endovaginal scans.


ADVR™ integrates DVD (720 x 480) and USB (Full HD 1920 x 1080) technology to enable simultaneous scanning and recording, allowing users to revisit the data when needed.