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Our clinic is the award recipient of the Best Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Clinic of the Year in the Asia Pacific for two consecutive years in 2020 and 2021 Global Healthcare Asia Pacific. It has been established to provide personal expert service to all women in female health. Our team is led by Dr. Sharifah Halimah Jaafar, a senior consultant obstetrician & gynaecologist. With a friendly and pleasant environment setup, we hope that our new approach to providing women’s health services will encourage women to seek medical advice on a more regular basis to maintain their wellbeing.

Dr. Sharifah has more than 25 years of experience managing extensive gynaecological diseases and women’s health issues from simple to complex cases. She is also an accomplished and highly skilled surgeon in performing core and specialized procedures in the obstetrics & gynaecology field, especially in advanced laparoscopic gynecological surgery of various indications. On a personal level, Dr. Sharifah is very friendly and readily approachable to her patients as she believes every woman deserves a dedicated and compassionate doctor who can also be a friend to them.

We offer comprehensive obstetric and gynecologic care for our patients

Laparoscopy is a revolution in surgery where optimum results are achieved by minimising trauma and strain to patient. It helped transform gynecologic surgery to help make procedures more efficient, safer, and even to widen the scope of surgery options that can be offered to patients.

In simple language, Minimally Invasive Surgery are associated with less pain, quicker recovery, lower risks of infection and bleeding, shorter duration of hospitalization, and less scarring as compared to traditional surgeries performed through large abdominal incisions.

Smaller Incision

Less Scarring

Increased Accuracy & Precision

Less Painful

Shorter Hospital Stay

Shorter recovery period

Less risk of wound infection

Less risk of post operative complications

We offer you a trusted source of health information. Explore.

We have developed a wide range of health information to help women of all ages understand their health issues and their treatment options, and to help you consider your health and wellbeing now and into the future.Our health information is developed in partnership with health professionals, women and their families.

It is based on the most current health knowledge and is regularly reviewed, to make sure we are providing the very best and the most up-to-date information to help women make decisions about their health and their health care.

Our Commitment

We are committed to staying current with the latest healthcare practices in conventional, complementary as well as alternative cancer care and management and at all times adhering to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and personal responsibility.

Our Philosophy

Holistic approach & evidence – based practice. Catering to your individual needs in a supportive, nurturing and relaxing environment.

Our Values

We are  consistently acting with empathy and integrity, taking responsibility for our decisions and actions. We respect the rights, beliefs and choice of every individual. We prioritise safety as an essential part of everyday practice.

Why Choose Us

Evidence-based Practice

Personalised Care

Friendly & Compassionate

Award winning clinic

Extensive experience

We’re Here and Ready to Safely Care for You

Our Resident Hospital

A premier tertiary hospital located in Johor, Malaysia, Gleneagles Hospital Medini Johor is a mere 20-minute drive from the Singapore-Tuas Checkpoint, right at the heart of Medini’s Lifestyle precinct. Brand-new, with a capacity of 300 beds as well as a variety of modern facilities and medical equipment catering to the needs of every individual patient providing a wide range of medical specialties, diagnostics, imaging and screening services.

To our Singaporean neighbours, we are pleased to announce that Gleneagles Hospital Medini Johor is a Medisave-accredited hospital, approved by the Ministry of Health, Singapore.

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