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Remarkable People. Remarkable Care. Best Outcome for Every Patient Every Time.

Compassionate Care, Advanced Medicine, Exceptional, Personalized Care. Inspiring Better Health.


Our Commitment

We are committed to staying current with the latest healthcare practices in conventional, complementary as well as alternative cancer care and management and at all times adhering to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and personal responsibility.

Our Philosophy

Holistic approach & evidence based practice. Catering to your individual needs in a supportive, nurturing and relaxing environment.

Our Values

We are  consistently acting with empathy and integrity, taking responsibility for our decisions and actions. We respect the rights, beliefs and choice of every individual. We prioritising safety as an essential part of everyday practice.

We offer you a trusted source of health information. Explore.

We have developed a wide range of health information to help women of all ages understand their health issues and their treatment options, and to help you consider your health and wellbeing now and into the future.Our health information is developed in partnership with health professionals, women and their families.

It is based on the most current health knowledge and is regularly reviewed, to make sure we are providing the very best and the most up to date information to help women make decisions about their health and their health care.

Thinking about where to give birth to your baby?

We will be there for you every step of the way – from making sure you are healthy and managing any health conditions, to making sure you deliver your baby safely, to helping you learn how to take care of your baby and yourself after you deliver.

Welcome to Dr Sharifah Women’s Specialist Clinic

This clinic has been established to provide an expert personal service to all women in the area of female health. Our team lead by Dr Sharifah Halimah Jaafar, a senior consultant obstetrician & gynaecologist is to provide an efficient and prompt service to all our clients. With a friendly and pleasant environment setup, we hope that our new approach to the provision of women’s health services will encourage women to seek medical advice on a more regular basis in order to maintain their wellbeing.

Why Us

Choosing a gynae clinic and specialist is a big decision and it’s important to go with the one that’s the best fit for you. You want to choose a specialist that you’re comfortable with; who you feel listens to you and is going to give you the best chance of taking home a healthy baby.

  • Supportive and Compassionate Care

    We understand that undergoing fertility treatment is a very emotional and stressful time and it’s important that you are cared for in an environment that is supportive and compassionate.

  • Excellent Success Rate

    The biggest factor affecting the chance of pregnancy success is the age of the women. Our success rates are equal to the one of the best success rates .

  • State-of-the-art Medical Equipment

    We offer a range of fertility treatments from the very simple to help you fall pregnant naturally to the most complex. Dr. Sharifah can assess your situation and guide you on your options to give you the best chance of having a healthy baby.

  • Excellent Patient care

    Providing excellent patient care keeps us focused on what matters most – our patients.


Our Resident Hospital

Regency Specialist Hospital  provides a comprehensive, integrated range of services ; ranging from acute tertiary services in areas of emergency medicine, intensive care, medical and surgical services, through to subacute care and specialist ambulatory clinics. Regency Specialist Hospital provides a combination of hospital and community-based services to aged, adult and paediatric patients and newborn babies.

Dr. Sharifah’s 5D High Tech Scanner

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    Puan A, 32 tahun,  telah berkahwin selama 6 tahun tetapi gagal untuk hamil kehamilan. Beliau hanya mengalami sakit haid yang biasa dan kitaran haidnya adalah normal. Tiga tahun lalu dia telah menjalani prosedur laparoskopi dilakukan untuk mencari punca kemandulan dan … Continue reading →

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